Borås Gliding Club is driven by its members. All activities are run by non-profit volunteers. We have approximately 200 members.

Our club house is equipped with a conference room, kitchen, showers, sauna and laundry facilities. In the kitchen you can buy frozen meals, soft drinks and snacks. A short drive away you can find a supermarket and several restaurants.

We offer overnight accommodation in our tree cottages. As well as a camping area and a nice playground for children.


Two of our flight instructors, Morgan and Jarek. Jarek offer training in both Swedish and Polish. 

Flying in Borås

The club operates daily during the soaring season, April 1st – October 1st. With our two Pawnees we get airborne without delay and this gives excellent opportunities for both recreational flights as well as for cross-country flights. 

Flight instructors are available for you to get checked out and for training flights. As a guest member, when checked out, you can fly our gliders. 

Borås-Viared airfield

Borås/Viared airfield (ESGE) is situated six kilometers west of Borås city and along the motorway to Gothenburg at an altitude of 179 m / 588 ft MSL. The asphalt runway and the grass strip is 800 m + an extended zone for start roll. See more information at the air field website. 

Immediately west of Borås is Landvetter Airport with its airspace. We have good cooperation with Gothenburg Approach which means we normally get FL60 after having established contact. With transponder we can get clearence even higher which means FL70 and 80. Outside Landvetter Control Area we can fly up to FL90 without transponder. 


The topography and the landscape around Borås are a mixture of many small lakes and hills as well as some small rivers and scattered cultivated areas but also with coniferous- and deciduous forests.

About 40 kilometers east and southeast of Borås the South Swedish Highlands begins with its highest point at 377 m asl. The characteristics of this area are a mixture of open crop areas, meadows, lakes, bogs and forests which also produce good thermals. In the area a number of airfields are available. 

About 20 km to the north and north east of Borås the landscape changes and becomes flatter with bigger open crop fields and meadows.